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God Over Money Reveals @BumpsINF album cover "Pain In Paragraphs" via @mynameisbizzle

The album cover for God Over Money recording artist Bumps INF's debut album Pain in Paragraphs, out August 28, 2012 from all major digital outlets.

According to a press release, God Over Money recording artist Bumps INF has just announced his debut album entitled Pain in Paragraphs. The album will include features from label-mate Bizzle, Red Lettaz, Pastor AD3, Promise, Jeremiah, and up and coming vocalist Jordan Carter. It also includes production from Juice, BMII, Symphony, and hit-maker and Grammy award winning producer Boi-1da.

When asked how he feels about his debut release Bumps INF replied, "You're going to get a look inside of my life and the things that I've done and been through on this album... I put my sin on "blast" a lot, not in a prideful way but just in hopes that it will help someone else with their struggles while listening."

Pain in Paragraphs will be available from all major digital outlets on August 28, 2012.

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