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@Beckahshae drops new album "Rest" 9/4/2012

The beginning of her journey was marked by hardship and depravity. Her parents divorced when she was young, and her mom went on to remarry several times. Her mother came from a Jewish family; therefore, Shae grew up around her extended family's Jewish traditions, yet also attended church and Sunday School thanks to her mom's early conversion to Christianity. She credits her mother as being a key influence in her spiritual development. Although she moved often growing up, Shae stayed mostly on the West Coast or in New Jersey, where her father lived. A self-proclaimed "conformist," during her unstable teenage years were a barrage of raves, Tijuana and Vegas, fake I.D.s, experimental drugs and eating disorders leading to depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. "The enemy had me confused. I was considered the ‘good' one in the bad environments I found myself in, so I really didn't realize how lost I was, or who I was," Shae shares.


In her early 20s and at an all-time low, Shae moved to Las Vegas and joined a cover band, healing from a broken heart after a failed relationship. In the midst of "Sin City," Shae began to feel emptiness creeping in. Searching for some sense of home, she found a church online and attended a worship service there. This was a turning point.

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