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AMP - People's Song via @Ampmovement

Since its beginning in 2010, AMP has opened a door to a new genre, Worship Hip Hop.

Fresh, original and dynamic, AMP's music comes from the hearts of three young men - Sam Ock, J. Han and C.L. - who share a passion for Christ and music. Their rhythms flow like rivers of life and faith, and their words ring with convictions of the soul.

"We try to be honest with ourselves, our faith and struggles as much as possible, and try to reflect that in our music," says Sam Ock, in an interview after performing at JAMA's New Awakening Conference in July 2011.

This year AMP has traveled coast to coast taking the stage at churches and other settings, even as C.L. maintains a full-time job and Sam and J. Han hold down a heavy load of classes as college students.

The trio run their creative enterprise with friend and manager, Samuel Kim, working out of the basement of a Maryland home where they compose, produce and distribute original music under their own record label, Anointed Music Productions (AMP).

As AMP's talents refine and mature, the group is preparing to cut its second album. The release of its first full-length CD, in July 2010, included such hits as "Hummingbird," "See You in Heaven," and "Never Change," the last drawing a huge following on Youtube.


"You wanna be together with me for eternity?
You turn your head the other way and choose to feed your greed.
You are my masterpiece, I have washed your feet.
My love for you will never change, I will never change."

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Artist: AMP
Name of Video: People's Song
Album Name: Glory Songs (Releasing July 29th)
Record Label: AMP
Director: J.Han

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