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Is CHH Dying Or Flying?

There is a growing murmur that Christian Hip Hop or CHH, as we know it, is dying! I was scrolling my Facebook news feed on Feb 23rd, and came across a post from a friend, IsRael Musiq, that asked the question, “Is CHH dying or growing?” I was a little concerned about the resounding response from many comments agreeing that CHH is dying or more alarming, already dead . I replied with, “I feel like this…if it is dead we, Christians, killed it. I believe like this…if it is dead we, Christians, should resurrect it. It’s our music, our brand, our lifestyles, our story…if we not rep’n, who is?” For the past month or so, I’ve or been asking peers, colleauges, and associates their thoughts and feelings on the subject to see if this question has some real validity or if it’s just a passing opinionated moment.

Therefore, I present this discussion to all the followers, subscribers, and fans, as well as the CHH world: Is Our genre, style of music/worship, and brand dying?

If so, what are some of the downfalls or mistakes being made that’s aiding and abetting in CHH’s demise? What are some viable solution’s, if you believe there are any, that can be presented to the CHH world so that it can get back on track?

If not, what are some of the tenants in the CHH world we can investigate to quell the murmuring? What are the strong points in CHH we can focus and build on to ensure our brand continues to thrive in the Faith, music and entertainment?

Is CHH dying or flying?

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